1. Dr. Edgren Lectures at Denver orthodontic seminar

    Dr. Edgren spoke at the two-day Rocky Mountain Orthodontics and Early Treatment seminar for orthodontists dentists and pediatric dentists on Aug. 16-17 in downtown Denver. His lecture was centered around the importance of treating the growing dentofacial skeleton rather than the narrower objective of treating just the teeth and/or the occlusion. Dr. Edgren also lectured on the importance of not de…Read More

  2. We’re In The Greeley Tribune News

    We are always learning and finding new technologies to improve the orthodontic practice. Dr. Edgren will be presenting his latest invention in Washington D.C. Read the full article here…Read More

  3. Primitive Orthodontics…

    Don’t try straightening your teeth at home... Did you know that Marie Antoinette had braces? Well not actually braces but she did have an early form of orthodontic treatment that was part of a whole body makeover to morph her into a more desirable bride to the family of the Dauphin of France, Louis XVI. Along with her unfashionably high forehead, scattered with patches of missing hair at the hai…Read More

  4. George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, oil on canvas, 1796.

    Removing a Common Myth About Our First President

    Taking care of your teeth now alleviates problems in the future... Contrary to the popular urban myth, George Washington did not have dentures made with wooden teeth. However, the truth behind his dentures may be more unsettling. The first president of the United States suffered from gum disease and tooth decay for most of his adult life, having his first tooth extracted at 24 years of age. By the…Read More

  5. Nobody wants to kiss an ugly mouth on February 14th!

    February is National Children’s Dental Health Month Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what better holiday to illustrate the importance of a healthy mouth. An unseemly mouth including halitosis (bad breath), decayed, stained, and/or missing teeth can ruin that romantic night out. Appropriate oral care important to avoid all of these problems. This includes seeing your dentist at least twi…Read More

  6. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

    ORAL HEALTH: Good Dental Hygiene Begins Before The Teeth Come In Good dental health begins at birth A child is born with 20 baby teeth already developing in the alveolar bone of the jaws. These teeth don’t generally start to erupt into the mouth until six months of age. However, it is not unusual for some children to get their first tooth around age one. It is important to promote good oral hygi…Read More

  7. What is Two Phased Orthodontic Treatment?

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Some significant orthodontic conditions such as severe dental crowding, impacting teeth (especially upper canines), and significant dentofacial skeletal discrepancies (such as underbites) are better treated early, around age 7, than waiting until age 12 or later. Intercepting these orthodontic problems early is akin to “an ounce of prevention is w…Read More

  8. DIY Orthodontics

    A Big No-No! The internet is filled with do-it-yourself (DIY) fixes from home and smartphone repairs to healthcare. Home repairs such as fixing a leaky faucet can be straight forward and simple to perform without serious consequences. Other home repairs are more complicated and require professional help. Remember the DIY smartphone hack for the iPhone 7’s, that don’t have a headphone jack, rec…Read More

  9. Best of Greeley Article Goes Viral Around the World!

    Nothing Scary About This... An article I wrote on “special” brackets from the December 2016 BOG has literally gone viral with renowned and respected orthodontists all over the world during the past couple of weeks. The article has reached countries as far away as Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Algeria, Portugal, Ecuador, Lithuania, Libya, Venezuela, Vietnam, France, and South East Asia to name…Read More

  10. Many athletes don’t fully appreciate the importance of mouthguards as part of their sports kit.

    Fall Fix Ups: Getting Your Dental Protection Ready for Sports Fall is rapidly coming upon us and so is football season. Football season is a good reminder of the importance of mouthguards and protection of your teeth during organized athletics. Mouthguards serve as shock absorbers, absorbing blows to the mouth that might otherwise result in broken, or worse yet, loss of teeth, lacerated lips, chee…Read More