1. What is a Forensic Odontologist?

    Dental records are more than just for checking for cavities and disease. The application of proven scientific techniques to criminal and civil laws is forensic science. Forensic science has been made popular by the Columbia Broadcasting System, CBS, with its multiple Crime Scene Investigation (CSI and NCSI) drama series. An odontologist is another name for a dentist specializing in forensics. Fore…Read More

  2. All About TMD

    What the heck is TMD? Well, you may know it as TMJ. TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. TMJ refers to your temporomandibular joint, which is where your you’ll likely feel the symptoms of TMD. Who Gets TMD? There are a lot of reasons someone might suffer from TMD. Any poorly done, or incomplete orthodontic work could lead to TMD. So, if you or your children have braces or are undergo…Read More

  3. Adults and Orthodontics

    While the obvious reasons for adults to seek orthodontic treatment may seem straightforward, there is much more under the surface that you need to know if you are an adult considering braces or other orthodontic treatment. Misaligned and crooked teeth, or a bad bite can lead to tooth decay, TMJ, grinding, broken teeth and more. So if you think the way your teeth look or feel isn’t a good reason …Read More

  4. What does it take to become an orthodontist?

    When choosing an orthodontist, do your homework... Many may not realize that orthodontists have a minimum of 10 to 11 years of combined undergradutate, graduate, and post-graduate education. Orthodontists will often graduate with a Bachelors Degree in the sciences. After attending four years of dental school, a prospective orthodontist will apply to an accredited, highly competitive orthodontic sp…Read More

  5. Choose a Board-Certified Orthodontist

    Working with an orthodontist is not just about your teeth. The work your orthodontist does can have long-lasting implications for the health of your jaw and the way your face forms as you grow. When you put your trust in your orthodontist, whether for braces or because you suffer with TMD, you should be able to trust that they are up-to-date on all of the latest techniques and technology, that the…Read More

  6. When Should You See an Orthodontist?

    When to see an orthodontist and when to begin orthodontic treatment are especially important question for parents of young children. Adults experiencing jaw pain or other issues that aren’t addressed by their dentist or doctor should also be considering whether or not orthodontic treatment is a good course of action. This helpful guide provides a starting point for how to approach orthodontic tr…Read More

  7. The Importance of Orthodontic Expansion

    Orthodontics 101 True skeletal expansion can only occur on the upper jaw. The upper jaw is made up of two bones that form the “cornerstone” of the face. Proper maxillary (upper jaw) expansion can effortlessly, with very little discomfort, push these bones apart, on a microscopic level, providing space for the future eruption of permanent teeth. The lower jaw is a single bone, consequently only…Read More

  8. Love Your Smile!

    LOVE Dental Care What is the value you place on you smile? Some say that a smile can light up the room and it is the first thing that many people notice about another person. Have you ever noticed that when someone smiles, those around them smile back? Smiles are contagious. It is often said that laughter is the best medicine; but have you noticed that laughter always requires a smile? Love your s…Read More

  9. Should I Get Braces as an Adult?

    "Isn’t it already too late for me to have braces and straight teeth?" We frequently get asked this question by adults who are interested in straightening their teeth but are not sure if they are a good candidate. Your orthodontist in Greeley, Dr. Brad Edgren, is an expert in braces for all ages. He specializes in early intervention, but also treats teens and adults. While it is true that straigh…Read More

  10. At What Age Should a Child Go to the Orthodontist?

    As you watch your child’s smile go from their baby teeth to their adult teeth, the thought of orthodontics might enter your mind. Adult teeth often look awkward as they find their place in the mouth of young people. Dr. Brad Edgren, in Greeley, is a nationally renowned orthodontist and expert at diagnosing problems through the use of the most modern technology, and the treatment of many complex …Read More