How To Choose A Greeley Orthodontist

When it comes to dental care, you want to make sure you get the best orthodontist in your area. When it comes to your teeth, you want to make sure you can receive the best care, in a facility you can trust. In Greeley, it might seem like you have many different options in terms of orthodontic care. But, you may be able to narrow down the best orthodontist for you and your family by asking yourself these simple questions.

What Experience Does this Orthodontist Have?

You first want to find out how long your prospective orthodontist has been practicing. You can feel more at ease knowing that your orthodontist is skilled, trained, and experienced in their work — especially when they are buzzing around your mouth. Because of this, when looking for an orthodontist in your area, you need to find one with plenty of experience in their field.

Brad Edgren: Brad Edgren is very experienced in both dentistry and orthodontics, and has been a practicing professional for almost two decades. Aside from being an experienced orthodontist, he has been the member of at least nine different dental or orthodontic associations, and in the past served as president of the Weld County Dental Society.

Do They Offer Family Services?

Some orthodontic offices don’t offer holistic services. That means that they can offer services to adults, teens, and children. By having an orthodontist that offers multiple services to all ages, your whole family can reap the benefits of an outstanding orthodontist.

Brad Edgren: Brad Edgren is skilled in adult, adolescent, and child orthodontics. No matter your age, he can help you achieve straight teeth in just a few short months. Having a local orthodontist that is an expert in orthodontia can be a huge benefit to your whole family. Instead of relying on different professionals for every member of your family, you can utilize one skilled orthodontist instead.

Do They Have Happy Customers?

Testimonials and before and after photos are the best way to tell your orthodontist’s quality of work. By being able to see how much they can improve a smile, you can feel more confident in your choice to use their services.

Brad Edgren: We are happy to have such a kind and loyal customer base. Brad Edgren has had the pleasure to work with excellent clients. Better still, we have been able to transform hundreds of smiles in the Weld County area. Take a look at our photo gallery and see how many smiles we have made beautiful over the years!

Your #1 Choice for a Greeley Orthodontist

If you are living in Greeley and are looking for a professional orthodontist to help correct you or your family’s teeth, Brad Egren DDS, MS can help. His practice has a well-trained staff that can ensure you get the absolute best care. To learn more about our services click here. We hope to hear from you soon! Contact our orthodontic practice today!