When you are choosing an orthodontist, of you course you want the best for your child, or for yourself. Without doing a prohibitive amount of research yourself, how does the average person choose an orthodontist? One way is to look at the tools they use. This week’s blog will look at palate expansion and how 3D imaging is the best tool for the job.

Sure the straightness of the teeth matter, but it is not the only consideration when thinking about visiting an orthodontist. The bones of the face also play a large role in orthodontics. One thing that an orthodontist may need to do is to expand the palate of the mouth. There are several reasons an orthodontist will need to expand the palate. These reasons include treatment for sleep disorders, cleft lip or palate, and to make room for overcrowding of teeth. These issues can lead to irregular wear on the teeth, problems with the gums, and issues with the temporomandibular joints.


One of the main reasons for orthodontic care is to correct an anterior crossbite. Think of the palate of the mouth. It is sometimes the case that the palate of the mouth is narrower than the bottom bite.  No matter how straight the teeth are in the upper set of teeth, they won’t meet the lower teeth as they should unless the palate is expanded. If the palate is not expanded, the result will likely be a posterior crossbite, meaning the back upper teeth meet the back lower teeth improperly, being inside the optimum position. When this expansion of the palate is being done, it needs to be monitored and stopped at just the right point or the upper palate will be too wide and will have to be adjusted again. Luckily, there are tools that allow Dr Edgren to monitor the mouth with amazing precision. One such tool is 3D imaging.

3D Imaging

3D imaging gives an orthodontist a better view of the mouth. When the orthodontics can see the mouth in 3D, with the ability to rotate and see the image from all sides, he or she can make a more informed decision about when to stop the palate expansion. When you are looking for a dentist to work on your mouth, or the mouth of your child, choose a dentist who uses the best tools to give him or her the precision you want used on your teeth. You want Dr. Brad Edgren.

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