Braces are a great solution to fix problems to align your teeth. Braces were designed to either pull apart or push teeth together so they align and are as straight as possible. This causes your teeth to shift on purpose and this sometimes feels very uncomfortable, if not painful.


“Beauty is pain” and in this case, they are not wrong. Braces do their job, but can be a bother in the process. Dr. Edgren and our associates recognize this and want to give you some great tips to help with the pain management of your braces. Our mission is to give you the best smile, with the least amount of discomfort as possible


Whether you just got your new braces, are coming in for a tightening or switching rubber bands, these are all things that affect your teeth which will then affect your comfort level. We have some great tips to help you during all of these tough moments.


Over the Counter Anesthetic

The same thing you use when you have a toothache can work great if you are sore from your braces. Then numbing solution will eliminate the pain.  To use, apply a small amount to the problematic area in the mouth. Although the taste is less than desired, the overall result should help you in dealing with discomfort.


Frozen Items

Just like when you hurt your knee or have a headache, an ice pack is great. Similar to an anesthetic, ice is going to be cold enough to act as a numbing agent. Eating cold treats is also a good idea to help with the pain associated with braces. Popsicles, Italian ice, and even ice cream can work as a numbing solution and help with swollen gums.


Over the Counter Pain Medication

This is a good option if the pain is intense. We always want you to check with your doctor first, but things like Tylenol®, Advil®, or any other over the counter medication designed to aide in pain is useful. Another good practice would be to take these before an appointment with us so that the medication can start working by the time your tightening is complete.


Eat Certain Foods

No matter what, braces are going to alter your diet in some way. There’s a whole list of things you shouldn’t consume during the time you have braces. However, there are also lists of things you can eat that will help when your mouth is overly sore. Things such as pasta, mashed potatoes, Jell-O, pudding, apple sauce, and soup. Your mouth won’t have to work as hard to break down these types of foods and gives your teeth the rest they need.
Dr. Edgren and our associates believe that these tips and tricks will help when you are feeling overwhelmed by the shifting of your teeth. We are here to help you through this process. The end result is going to be worth it, we guarantee it. As always, if you ever have any other questions or want to try something else, you can always contact us.