Braces can be a major adjustment to everyday life. They give you a slightly different appearance, have to be maintained properly, and can be a bit uncomfortable. However, in the grand scheme of things, it will all be worth it because it leads to a gorgeous smile.

teen-ctaDr. Edgren and our associates want to educate you on the best orthodontic practices to manage your new braces. Dr. Edgren has been an Orthodontist for over 20 years and knows the best ways to give you a worthwhile smile.

The most important thing when it comes to new braces is keeping them as clean as possible. Now that you have brackets that are covering a portion of each tooth it is easier for food particles to get wedged in places you don’t normally see. This can cause bad breath and worse- white spots.

White spots are basically where plaque has built up and is causing decalcification; this is a fancy way of saying the calcium of your teeth is being broken down. You need calcium in your teeth to keep them strong and healthy. This is something we definitely don’t want to see happen to you after you have put in the effort to perfect your smile.

There are some beneficial tips to help you take care and keep your braces clean and avoid these ailments:

Brush Often

Not only do we do this without braces but with them, it is so important! We want you to brush In the morning, night, and after every meal. This will ensure that any food particles or bacteria is being removed from the mouth and that you don’t give that plaque to buildup.


Brushing is going to be a really important part of your routine now. When you brush you can’t just do a quick job, it has to have a lot of precision. It is imperative that you brush each individual tooth as a whole. You need to not only get the parts that everyone sees but also the back of the teeth. You couldn’t imagine what kind of stuff can build up and we want you to get that out of there.  

Plan it out

Now that you know you will have to brush a lot, and for a purpose, it is crucial to be ready for anything. Our suggestion is to make a little travel kit of the things you are going to be needing. In it is should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Some other good things to have in this kit is mouthwash and our a pointy mini brush for those really hard to reach places. You can keep this kit in your backpack, car, or purse.

Come Visit us

We are here for you and that’s our main priority. We schedule you regularly to make sure your braces and doing their job, and you are doing yours! We can show proper cleaning techniques or help with any other questions you have.

Adult Treatment2Dr. Edgren and our associates have what’s best in mind for our patients. Being an Orthodontist for as long as Dr. Edgren has been he knows everyone’s different, and each smile is going to be as well. Contact us today with any questions or concerns! We cater to your specific needs because at the end of the day we want the biggest, brightest, and straightest smile on your face.