Congratulations! If you are one of the lucky 4 million people who are wearing braces, you have embarked on a transformative time in your life! And if you are being treated by Dr. Brad Edgren in Greeley, you are in the hands of a leading expert in orthodontics!

No Matter the Reason, Here You Are

Braces are used to treat a variety of types of malocclusions, or misalignments, in the bite of the teeth. This is the technical term for crooked teeth. Even if your teeth seem to line up with each other, your bite, or the way the upper teeth meet the bottom teeth, might need to be adjusted. To learn more about having braces, keep reading.

Adult Braces

Twenty-five percent of people who wear braces are adults, and there are some special considerations for adults when it comes to braces. Because the growing period has ended, adjusting the position of the teeth can take a bit longer and have a few other issues.
One such issue that may be present is if the teeth have overlapped to rub against each other, causing the lower teeth to be worn down. There are cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help to correct this.
Another issue that adults deal with is a history of dental procedures such as root canals, implantations, and crowns. Root re-absorption is also a bigger concern with adult braces than with teen braces so this must be taken into consideration when weighing the decision to get braces.
Of course, there are some advantages to being an adult when you get your braces. As an adult, you will not simultaneously be dealing with acne and growth spurts, and you won’t be in a fog of adolescent hormones. It is also more likely that you will be better versed in self-advocacy and won’t have to rely on someone else, a parent, in this case, to advocate for you to the orthodontist.

Adjusting to Braces

When you first get braces, you should expect to be in some pain. Depending on whether you have had upper and lower braces put on, or just one or the other, your pain level could vary greatly. If you’ve had both, you should expect to be in pain for a few days. Be sure to have a few bags of peas in the freezer (for ice packs), soft foods on hand, and pain killers.

If You Have Persistent Pain

Besides when you first get your braces on, and when you get them periodically tightened the pain for braces levels off. If you have pain, especially extreme pain, after a week to ten days after getting them on or adjusted, contact your orthodontist. There are some easily-remedied sources of pain with braces, such as an improperly clipped wire, though his pain is more irritating than extreme.


The metal of braces has been known to cause sores on the inside of the cheeks of some people. It just depends on your unique facial structure. Your orthodontist can recommend the rinsing product to help the sores heal quickly. You can also use wax to cover the metal and to limit contact between the brace and the inside of the cheek. Of special note here are people who use inhalers. Because some types of steroid inhalers can cause mouth sores as well, it is especially important to remember to rinse your mouth out after using your inhaler.

Compliance with Rubber Bands

A common part of orthodontic treatment is the use of rubber bands to adjust the alignment of the upper and lower bites. These can be hard to get used to using, but when used consistently, good compliance ( meaning you wear them as your orthodontist instructs) with wearing rubber bands will get the job of straightening your teeth done quickly. They can be a bit tricky to get on at first, but patients usually adapt quickly and can get them in place with very little problem.

Brushing Properly

Wearing braces means embarking on a mission to have straight teeth, but a beautiful smile means clean and white teeth too, and braces definitely make it harder to clean your teeth. Taking the extra effort to keep your teeth as clean as you can get them while you are wearing your braces will pay off with gorgeous, straight teeth. Check back for blogs that expand on this topic.

Wearing braces is a big investment in the health and appearance of your smile, and all the effort will be worth it when they are removed and you have a perfect smile. Call Dr. Brad Edgren for an orthodontics consultation appointment.