With the incoming winter season two things are certain: you will attend many social and familial gatherings and there will be a lot of pictures. Holiday pictures are different than any other pictures because they generally have a greater number of your family in them. Holiday pictures also are different because they are generally photographs that last forever, plastered on every mantle, wall, and holiday card you could possibly send out. Because of this, the horror of a bad holiday picture could haunt you for years. What is the source of your distaste for pictures?

When posing for a picture, you almost always attempt at a light-hearted smile. In making that small grin, you show your teeth—and that sight might be the stuff of your nightmares! For years you have thought about fixing your teeth, but you never have made a decision. Whether your hesitation came from the worry of looking silly wearing braces as an adult, or you just never felt quite comfortable in an orthodontist’s office, your teeth never were fixed. Because of this, in every holiday picture you try your best to hide your teeth. The result leaves you looking in pain in more of your photos or maybe not quite as happy as everyone else in the photo. If this scenario sounds familiar, the time has come to do something about your teeth.

If you have any of the following teeth related issues, you probably should see an Orthodontist like Dr. Edgren:

Tooth Gaps

Tooth Gaps may look cool on Michael Strahan or Anna Paquin, but for most part, they detract from your physical appearance. When people pay more attention to your teeth than what you’re saying, if could seriously damage your confidence. Celebrities sometimes keep their gaps as a way to attract attention to themselves—a beauty mark of sorts. However, tooth gaps for regular day people can be extremely annoying and can cause speech impediments. Also, depending on the amount of gaps that you have, your demeanor and reputation could be affected. Often when patients are missing multiple teeth, the appearance does not reflect well among their peers. This could lead to lost opportunities and a loss of self confidence.

“Bad Bite”

“Bad Bite” or Malocclusions, are misalignments among the teeth. When your teeth do not rest perfectly on each other, gum tissues can be damaged. On top of this destruction to your gums, having untreated malocclusions can result in jaw pain, headaches, and extensive damage to your underlying bone matrix. By having a bad bite, chewing is affected, which leads to tooth wear. By having regular check ups and correcting any teeth-related abnormalities, you can ensure the long-lasting health of your teeth.

Crowded Teeth

Each tooth needs proper spacing, however, some develop teeth that are crowded. This generally takes the form of overlapping teeth. The trouble with crowded teeth is that they are hard to clean and maintain. If you are not conscious about putting maximum effort in your teeth cleaning, your crowded teeth could lead to variants of gum disease and tooth decay. By going to an orthodontist for early treatment, you could prevent any serious damage to your teeth and gums.

Crooked Teeth

Having a crooked smile can detract from your appearance and can make you feel self conscious. The natural way to fix crooked or twisted teeth is to straighten them with braces. The technology of braces have come a long way since their beginning back in 1728. Today, both teens and adults can wear braces that are less invasive. The dental braces of today are made of thinner metals and can even come as clear braces. So, do not worry about having a ‘metal mouth’, you could possibly get teeth correcting braces that no one can even see!


Overbite can be genetic or man made. Man made being a stretch, as when you are an infant you generally accelerate or enhance the onset of overbite by sucking your thumb. When infants suck their thumb, the malleable teeth that are growing can easily be redirected by consistent movement. By resting the thumb on the front part of the teeth, this will lead the front portion to jut outwards, causing an aggressive overbite.

If you have any of the following teeth-related issues and live in the Colorado area, you are in luck! You have an internationally recognized orthodontist right in your neighborhood. With his expertise and knowledge, you can finally correct your irksome teeth abnormalities. Dr. Edgren is a certified member of the American Board of Orthodontia, as well as an esteemed member of the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists. Dr. Edgren is both qualified and experienced to handle any of your orthodontic needs. To contact Dr. Edgren visit him online! He can help you fix your smile so no family photo will ever haunt you again!