1. Dr. Edgren Lectures at Denver orthodontic seminar

    Dr. Edgren spoke at the two-day Rocky Mountain Orthodontics and Early Treatment seminar for orthodontists dentists and pediatric dentists on Aug. 16-17 in downtown Denver. His lecture was centered around the importance of treating the growing dentofacial skeleton rather than the narrower objective of treating just the teeth and/or the occlusion. Dr. Edgren also lectured on the importance of not de…Read More

  2. The Orthodontists Are Coming!

    Everyone knows Paul Revere famously rode through Concord yelling “the British are coming!” to warn American Revolutionaries about the enemy invasion and help the Americans win the war. But we bet there’s a couple of things you don’t know about the famous colonial, especially when it comes to the field of dentistry. Who Was Paul Revere? If you’re not sure who we’re talking about, that…Read More

  3. We’re In The Greeley Tribune News

    We are always learning and finding new technologies to improve the orthodontic practice. Dr. Edgren will be presenting his latest invention in Washington D.C. Read the full article here…Read More

  4. Bracing Yourself For Fame

    There’s no shame in the braces game! Whether you’re deciding on getting braces for yourself or braces for someone in your care, we want to remind you of the wonders braces can do both medically and aesthetically. A number of famous celebrities have had braces both as adults and as adolescents. Don’t believe us? We’ve put together a list of the most famous, beautiful people who have ever ha…Read More

  5. Your Orthodontist Can Save Your Life

    How Smiling Makes You Healthier Your orthodontist can save your life. Well, perhaps it is not this dramatic, but they do have a positive effect on your life. Whether you know this or not, smiling can have many positive benefits to your life. And, since your orthodontist’s primary job is to ensure your teeth are aligned and beautiful, they are partly responsible for each of your confident smiles.…Read More

  6. Sports With Braces

    Can You Play Sports with Braces? The simple answer is yes. However, this question cannot be simply answered. Of course, you can play with braces, but you will run the risk of injuring yourself or other players. When doing anything with your braces, you must remember that you have a network of metal wires and tiny platelets. Because of this, any injury to your face could result in cuts and gashes. …Read More

  7. What To Look For in An Orthodontist?

    How To Choose A Greeley Orthodontist When it comes to dental care, you want to make sure you get the best orthodontist in your area. When it comes to your teeth, you want to make sure you can receive the best care, in a facility you can trust. In Greeley, it might seem like you have many different options in terms of orthodontic care. But, you may be able to narrow down the best orthodontist for y…Read More

  8. Braces and Mouth Sores: Prevention and Solutions

    Coping With Mouth Sores From Braces Braces are essential for perfecting the alignment of your teeth. Without them, you won’t be able to achieve a perfectly straight smile. Though modern braces have come a long way in terms of comfort, there is still much to be desired in terms of comfort. For instance, the metal wiring in modern braces is significantly less, however, minor issues, such as canker…Read More

  9. The History of Orthodontia and Where We Are Now

    The History of Healthy, Straight Teeth Humanity has always viewed straight teeth as aesthetically pleasing. Even before we knew anything about our own teeth, we understood that teeth looked better straight and healthy. Orthodontia may seem like a recent practice and study, but in fact, this form of medicine and cosmetic procedure has been around since ancient times. In this blog, we will discuss h…Read More

  10. What’s Next After The Braces Come Off?

    The "Cadillac" of Retainers... So you just finished your orthodontic treatment and braces are off, now what? Most orthodontists will prescribe a set of retainers of one form or another to retain the final orthodontic result. The bone that surrounds your teeth continues to remodel up to 18 months after the braces are removed. If teeth are not provided a passive method to maintain their new bite/pos…Read More